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Our Constitution has been under attack for decades, eroding and weakening the foundation this country stands on. We the people need to insure that the support of America withstands the onslaught.

• Campaign Finance, where's the money coming from? Millions of dollars are donated to candidate campaigns and political action groups that go unchecked. Much of this money comes from foreign sources we know nothing about. These political action committees must report the source of their revenue.

• Repeal the SCOTUS decision to give the fictitious Corporations the same rights as people. This has allowed easy financial control and manipulation of our voting process

• Put the Bible and the 10 Commandments back in all federal buildings. They were never intended to promote a religious belief. They were there to honor the history of the people that founded this country.

• Restore law and order. One justice system for all. SCOTUS, Congress, lawyers and their firms, judges and Presidents have denied the people the concept of Equal Justice Under The Law.

• Stop corporate contract law from interfering with the Constitution of The United States.

• Hold Corporate executives fully responsible for the crimes they commit. Punish the perpetrators not the common stock holders.

• Get Wall Street under control. Stop all insider trading and manipulation of the market place. Stop day trading and super computer trading that robs people of their money in milliseconds. These are not investment opportunities. They are a gambling mechanism to steal money from unsuspecting victims. Hold brokers responsible for mis-leading advice.

• Do a forensic audit of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Wall Street investment banks. Insure that all rules and regulations are being followed.

If we followed the law we would not have an immigration problem
If we followed the law we would not have had a housing crisis
If we followed the law we would not have had a financial crisis
If we followed the law we would not be $20 trillion in debt

We need to restore Honesty, Morality and Responsibility to our Country
Solve this problem and the rest will be much easier to resolve.

The American Party

STOP the gridlock in Washington. STOP one party from holding the country hostage by refusing to vote on important issues.STOP the back room deals and disenfranchising of the American people. STOP the disloyalty to their sworn duty. Promote service to "ALL" the people.

• Term Limits - Public servants, not career politicians who worship their "puppet masters" for re-election

• Elected officials who place the common good and problem-solving above party loyalty and partisanship

• Ethical behavior transparency and accountability

• Focus on solving our nation’s economic and competitiveness issues without the distractions of "single-issue,” divisive politics


LEGISLATE AND GOVERN FROM THE MIDDLE where problem solving occurs. Seek common ground in the interest of our nation and states, before party allegiances and the desire to be re-elected


STOP GROWTH OF POLITICAL CLASS AND CAREER POLITICIANS with term limits. Limit influence of money in support of incumbents. Encourage more public service for motivated candidates.

HOLD POLITICAL PARTIES ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CANDIDATES AND OFFICEHOLDERS Punish violations of campaign fund-raising policies and unethical and/or illegal conduct.

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Committee to Elect Albert Travison
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